A Day at the Park

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Today we took an adventure to Wicker Park. Neither of us had ever been there and it was so much fun! It’s the epicenter of hipsters. It was the first beautiful day after a week of unseasonably cold weather; so it was the perfect day to go exploring. It only took us a short bus ride to make it to our destination. We set out specifically for The Buffalo Exchange, a cool second hand store, but we stumbled upon a few other gems in the neighborhood (not to mention awesome street art!).

We also walked by a lot of amazing restaurants. The whole area has a very modern feeling, and because of the nice weather, all of the restaurants had their windows wide open making it easy for us to feel envious of anyone eating the delicious food. Above is a picture of me (Shannon) in front of Glazed & Infused (different location from previous post).A coffee shop had some really cool interactive street art. This was a sign that passer-bys filled out with chalk that was provided. How fun!
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Trekking Around Little Italy


Yesterday, Kayla and I decided to go on a small adventure. I wanted to make sure I could find the building where I have my internship this summer; so we did a little trial run and after getting a little turned around a few times, we finally made it to the building that will be my second home for the summer. We also wanted to check out this little sandwich shop and bakery in little Italy. So to a bus stop we went and waited with growling stomachs!
We don’t have much experience with the bus system in Chicago, and it’s a little hard to navigate if you ask me. We boarded the right bus, going the right way, but managed to miss our stop (I’m still convinced the bus driver never actually announced/ stopped at the one we needed). We got off the bus about a mile and a half from our destination, so we had to backtrack down Grand Avenue with very angry stomachs.
After a good twenty minute walk, we arrived at our long-awaited destination, Bari! It’s this little Italian grocery store with a sandwich place in the back. I got the Caprese sub and Kayla got the Roast Beef. The best thing about this place is how much food you get for so little. My 9″ sub was only $5! And enough to fill me up for lunch and save the other half for dinner, I love a good deal. The people running this store were so nice and attentive.
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Glazed & Infused


We went on a little adventure to a doughnut place we had been dying to try. It’s called Glazed & Infused, and those of you in the Chicago area should definitely try it out! This location is right by the Armitage stop off the L. I got the creme brûlée doughnut (left) and Kayla got an Apple Fritter (right). They were both fantastic and the people there are so nice. We should have taken some more pictures of what it looks like inside, because it’s absolutely adorable.

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A New Beginning


Shannon is on the left and Kayla is on the right. We are a set of identical twins. 20 years old, born and raised in the good ol’ Midwest. We have always been extremely close, practically attached at the hip, most of our childhood. We were double tennis partners, study buddies, and best friends all through high school. However, it wasn’t until we went our separate ways for college (Shannon to WI and Kayla to Chicago), that we truly realized how much we loved each other.

This summer marks a new beginning for the two of us. We’re living in the City, ready to enjoy our youth to the fullest! We wanted to start this blog to track our many adventures through one of the greatest cities in this country. It will be full of photos of our days soaking up the joys of summer and the company of each other.

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