A New Beginning


Shannon is on the left and Kayla is on the right. We are a set of identical twins. 20 years old, born and raised in the good ol’ Midwest. We have always been extremely close, practically attached at the hip, most of our childhood. We were double tennis partners, study buddies, and best friends all through high school. However, it wasn’t until we went our separate ways for college (Shannon to WI and Kayla to Chicago), that we truly realized how much we loved each other.

This summer marks a new beginning for the two of us. We’re living in the City, ready to enjoy our youth to the fullest! We wanted to start this blog to track our many adventures through one of the greatest cities in this country. It will be full of photos of our days soaking up the joys of summer and the company of each other.

twins 2twins 3

Yours Truly,



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