Last weekend was another eventful one in Chicago. On Saturday Kayla and I made the familiar trek to Wicker Park for their annual summer festival. We enjoyed some music, free food, and our favorite activity: dog watching. It was unseasonably cold, so that was a bummer, but overall it was a nice time.

I ate at Santullo’s Eatery. It’s a New York style pizza place. My pizza had feta cheese and roasted red peppers, it was also named “The Hipster” so it was basically me in pizza form.



On Sunday morning we decided to be totally stereotypical and go to brunch. Who doesn’t love brunch?!


While we originally set out for a breakfast place called Orange, we stumbled upon Kitsch’n and decided to go there instead. We both had tasty pesto omelets! Let me tell you, they were fantastic. Also, look at how cute this place is! Luckily, it was nice enough for us to enjoy our breakfast outside. Afterwards we went to a thrift store and bought some mom jeans that we later transformed into distressed shorts


Yours Truly,



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