Fro Yo and Fun Food



After last weekend, we couldn’t help but return to Wicker Park this weekend. It’s a bit of a hike for us, but it was totally worth it. We found this inexpensive gyro place on yelp, Covo! This si the inside of Covo, it was so modern looking. The order line is set up like a Qdoba. You can choose between beef, lamb, and chicken, a ton of fresh toppings, and tasty tasty sauces!



 ended up getting two chicken gyros with different toppings and Kayla got one lamb and one chicken. They were so delicious and inexpensive!




Shannon Left, Kayla right



After lunch, we got in a long line that ended in free fro-yo. Yes, you read that right FREE fro-yo and toppings. If you know me, you know there are three things I will never say no to: petting puppies, shopping, and fro-yo. My ultimate weaknesses for sure. So when we saw a Red Mango grand opening we had to get in line and get a tasty treat for ourselves! And tasty they were, check these beuts out!

Yours Truly,



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