Grown Up Parades



When you think of parades you generally imagine a nice marching band, random cheerleading teams, and old people handing out candy. This was not that kind of parade.

The above photo is one of the parade route for the Pride Parade in Chicago. Oh my goodness, there were millions of people there. Literally millions.

One of the best parts of this parade is how you get to dress. The Pride Parade symbolizes a celebration. So what better way to celebrate than dress incredibly ridiculous? This is literally any little girls dream come true. Wearing any and every color, all the accessories you can manage, and act crazy.
Luckily we didn’t have to stick it out among the aforementioned millions of fellow parade goers because we have a friend that lived along the parade route.


Overall it was a really fun day to experience an “adult” parade.


Yours Truly,



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