Homeward Bound


Last weekend Kayla and I went home for the first time all summer! As much as we love the city, it’s always a nice change of pace to spend sometime in the suburbs. We left right after I got off work on Friday, so we could spend as much time home as possible. We didn’t even make it back to our home until late that night because we made our dad drop us off at our friend’s house. We went to a neighboring suburb to enjoy dinner and dessert.
The picture above is of the best place ever. It’s called Cookie Dough Creations, and they literally serve you raw cookie dough! Every child’s dream is realized at this spot.
On Saturday we spent the day at the waterpark we used to lifeguard at. One of our old (and favorite) supervisors hooked us up with some free tickets. It was nice, and also a little weird to see people we used to work with. The weather was perfect, and it wasn’t too crowded. We also got to soak up the sun, which we don’t get to do enough as we both work an awful lot during the week.

Yours Truly,



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