The Big Move



My first post on the blog! Recently we made a move from Lincoln Park to Wrigleyville. Although it is just over a mile away, they seem like two different worlds. Our old place in Lincoln Park was gorgeous, but the streets are fully of parents and babies, not exactly our age group. But Wrigley is always bustling, with a crazy nightlife, and loads of shops. Our new place is a bit smaller, but already feels like home! We have made the place our own with personal DIY touches. Having Shannon here has been the best part of the summer! Constantly being in the company of my best friend, I really could not ask for more. Excuse my short mushy tangent, back to the change in scenery! Wrigley is home of the Chicago Cubs, a team that may not always win, but sure knows how to have fun! Its been just over two weeks since the move, and its already feeling like home.




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