Wanderers: We Walk Around


Who says you can’t have ice cream before dinner?! Spoiler alert: it really does ruin your appetite… However, knowing this didn’t stop Kayla and I from enjoying a little ice cream treat from Annette’s off Armitage. We were both entranced with the “cookie jar” flavor: chocolate ice cream, caramel swirl, with bits of m&m oatmeal cookie dough. Yes, it was as good as it sounds.
Beforehand, we spent the morning at Nookies Too nomming on some tasty egg dishes. We decided to just just wander around Lincoln Park and go into various shops.
After filling up on ice cream, we obviously had to get some dinner. Kayla had been wanting to try this authentic Mexican restaurant off the Belmont stop, so try we did. This summer has been filled with many mexican meals, all of which have been delicious, and Mi Tierra was no exception. Also, the interior decorations were very amusing, look at those colors!


Check out Kayla blending in with her surroundings!



Yours Truly,



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