Farewell Chicago


This post comes a little late, as Kayla and I were mega busy at the end of our summers. I finished my internship, my boyfriend came back from Costa Rica (he was gone all summer), and I moved out of the living room of Kayla’s apartment. I write this post from Whitewater, WI where I go to school. Kayla is in the city and will also post an updated post. But this one is about my last couple weeks in the greatest city.

My boyfriend, Logan, was studying in Costa Rica all summer. We’ve been dating for four years! I missed him like crazy, but I had the greatest summer filled with learning, adventure, and quality twin time. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Kayla and I spent my last full day in the city adventuring, as we usually did on the weekends. We went to Corona’s Cafe, it’s right off the Sheridan stop in Wrigleyville. The inside was literally the cutest coffee shop I have ever seen and the food was fantastic. I had this Focaccia Bread with pesto, chicken, and tomato. As you can see it was massive; I could hardly finish half of it! Kayla had a chicken pesto panini with a side of pasta salad.


We decided to head downtown for the day and do some shopping before I was stranded in Whitewater with no shopping nearby. We stopped by Flaco’s Tacos for our typical Mexican food fix. We shared some very spicy enchiladas and tasty guacamole.

I can’t believe I no longer live in the city. But I graduate in May and plan on moving back to Chicago and finding a job in the advertising realm. So see ya later Chicago. The blog posts from me will be chuck full of Wisconsin fun for the next 8 months or so.

Yours Truly,



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