Shannon and Kayla’s Christmas Wish Lists

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With Black Friday just around the corner *yay* we thought it would be appropriate to make a little wish list for the holidays. We love the holidays (I know, super original) and we don’t think we’ve ever been more excited for Thanksgiving than we are this year. Shannon hasn’t stayed a night at our house since July, and we haven’t seen each other in nearly six weeks! We are also hosting our FOURTH annual Friendsgiving with our high school favorites. Needless to say, we are ready to pig out on tasty treats, binge watch Grey’s Anatomy,play card games, and shop our little hearts out.

When thinking about possible gifts we would appreciate this year, we couldn’t help but think of the basics. As our styles becomes more concrete, and we get older (We turn 21 in 3 weeks. Cue: jumping for joy) we can’t help but want some staple items that we can wear a lot.

Our lists highlight how alike and different our tastes are! Cant wait to see what this holiday season has in store.

What’s on your Holiday wish list?

*disclaimer: I don’t want a bright pink watch, but I loved the face and leather band. I’m much more of a brown leather kind of girl.

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I Don’t Know About You – But Logi is 22

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Last weekend Logan and I went to Madison to celebrate his birthday. He’s pretty much an old man because he’s 22… We like to plan surprise dates for one another, so I had a blast planning this weekend for him. I was super happy that every part of my plan worked out perfectly!

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Our first stop was Capital Tap Haus. I picked it because Logan is borderline obsessed with beer and this place had awesome reviews. It was also super close to our second stop. P.S. this place has amazing zucchini fries.

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The second stop: Comedy on State was the main event! It’s this little comedy club that features three comedians. The setup was interesting because you sit with people you don’t know. We sat with two strangers who clearly did not enjoy the show. Their unhappy reactions to the jokes made the night even funnier. We thought the comedians were really great. I recommend this place to anyone who likes to laugh, so like everyone ever. The tickets were super cheap, and if it’s your birthday you get free entry, a glass, and two tickets for a future show!

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We stayed over night so we could have two days of fun! The first thing we did was stop by Ancora coffee shop to get our caffeine fix (Logan and I are major caffeine addicts). They had some amazing roasts to choose from, but we both settled on the Black and Tan, and it was awesome. After we got some coffee, we went to the Capitol Square Farmer’s Market! My favorite part of a Wisconsin farmer’s market is the abundance of free cheese samples. Logan and I got some spaghetti squash and a giant sweet potato which we made into a delicious dinner later that night.

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After roaming the farmer’s market, we went to Marigold Cafe for brunch and it was super tasty. It was kind of a weird set up. Right when you walked in you ordered your food at a counter and then you had to wait for a table to open up. Regardless, the breakfast was delish.


After brunch we wandered down State street going in and out of niche stores, my favorite. We looked at lots of little trinkets that everyone wants, but no one needs. We may or may not have settled my fro-yo addiction more than once that weekend. Overall, it was a great trip and a wonderful birthday celebration!

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SkyRise Chicago 2013


This morning I was lucky enough to be able to be part of the SkyRise Chicago race, which consists of racing to the top of the Willis (Sears) tower. 103 flights up to the top of the tallest building in the Western hemisphere. Andy and I were able to take part because his aunt had two extra entries, how lucky are we! The race participants get donations to aid the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago that helps people rehabilitate after amputations, strokes, or other traumas. These individuals with bionic legs, or other physical disabilities take part in the climb and reach the top! It was so inspiring to see so many people overcoming obstacles to help give others the chance to do the same. Overall, it was a great event, for an even better cause.


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FLASHBACK: South Carolina

I never got a chance to share my amazing road trip this summer with my boyfriend, Andy. We stopped in Lexington, Kentucky, Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, Nashville,Tennessee and Charleston, SC. It was an amazing week and definitely some of my favorite memories were made on this trip.


First selfie of the trip! Getting started from Peru, IL


First stop U of I in Champaign,IL


A little over half way to South Carolina. Stopped and checked out Lexington, which was gorgeous. If you get the chance, make a trip down there.


Salmon burger in Charleston, SC was amazing! Best fish I have ever had.



Last day of brunch we went to Hominy Grill a MUST when visiting South Carolina!
Andy and I had a blast on our week getaway and were already planning our next trip we hope to take over spring break!

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Reunited & It Feels SO Good

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That’s right guys! Last weekend Logan and I took a little road trip to our fav city, my second home: Chicago! I missed this little chickadee, even though it had only been three weeks since I’d seen her last (she came to visit me inWhitewater). We had so much fun, and did A LOT in a little time.



Sultan's Market


On Friday, Logan and I went on a really fun “brisk walk” down to the lakefront so we wouldn’t feel so guilty about the mass quantity of food we were going to consume throughout the weekend. We met Kayla downtown during her lunch break (she has a sweet media internship down there). After lunch I wanted to show Logi one of my favorite neighborhoods in Chicago: Wicker Park. A train, a bus, and a little walk later we were there! It was freezing in Chicago so we warmed up with some coffee.

Wicker park has so many great second hand shops. We had Yelp researched places to eat in Wicker Park, and Logan found us a tasty Mediterranean restaurant. Sultan’s Market is everything you could want: tasty, cheap, and BYOB (for Logan).




We started our Saturday at Aje Cafe. The sandwiches were awesome and the service was great. After lunch we spent most of our day on State Street perusing the many stores that I had missed  so dearly.


Kayla and I are from Aurora, it’s about an hour outside of Chicago, so my parents decided to come down and treat us, our brother, and our boyfriends to dinner. We ate at Home Slice Pizza, a specialty pizza place in Lincoln Park – it was delish to the max.


Later that night we went to a Halloween party one of Kayla’s friends was throwing. Logan absolutely hates dressing up when it’s not actually Halloween (and we were just plain lazy), so we went for the minimal effort costume. Get it? We’re a traffic light!



On Sunday Kayla and I left Logan at home so he could watch the game, and we could do some more shopping. Yes I have a problem, and yes I am aware of it. After we were all shopped out we went to meet Logan at the Starbucks where Andy (Kayla’s boyfriend) works. He was nice enough to hook us up with some free, tasty drinks.

We headed back to the EL and waited for our train for 40 minutes! Yeah, not the best part of the weekend for sure. Oh well. We decided to book it to Trader Joe’s and have apps for dinner. The meal consisted of edamame, mini tacos, mini pizzas, chips, queso, and hummus. So basically it was awesome.

Then it was time to leave; the absolute worst part. But no worries, Logan and I will be returning to Chicago pretty soon!

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Two Tummies full of Apples


Logan and I have gone apple picking three of the five falls we have been together. It’s one of my favorite traditions we’ve established. There’s an apple orchard not far from where we go to school. This year was a really great harvest because of all the rain we got over the summer. Which meant we had a billion apples to consume (obviously the best part of apple picking is eating all the apples you possibly can). Logan and I combine our individual skills to guarantee we get the best apples. I’m small so I can climb on the little branches and pick the apples, whereas Logan is nice and tall so he can reach the high ones. We make a perfect team. The weather was great, the apples were great, overall a fantastic fall date.

IMG_0760 copy

Look at that beautiful apple.

IMG_0764 copy


IMG_0766 copy

Logi carries apples.

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Rewind, Pause, Play

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Logan and I go to school in Whitewater, WI. It’s about just under an hour from Madison. So we decided to take a day trip to Madison (way back in September). They have an amazing farmer’s market around the Capitol building. It took us about an hour to walk around to all the booths. I would have to say my favorite part of the market was the abundance of free samples, most of them being cheese curds (stereotypical Wisconsin, I know).

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 9.42.37 AM

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After traipsing around the farmers market, we decided to walk all the way to a restaurant that was a little over a mile away. Regrets. We went to a restaurant called The Weary Traveler, a super tasty restaurant that uses primarily locally grown food. It was super tasty. Afterwards we called a cab to take us back to the Capitol because we were just too tired to make the trek back.

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Yours Truly,