Reunited & It Feels SO Good

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That’s right guys! Last weekend Logan and I took a little road trip to our fav city, my second home: Chicago! I missed this little chickadee, even though it had only been three weeks since I’d seen her last (she came to visit me inWhitewater). We had so much fun, and did A LOT in a little time.



Sultan's Market


On Friday, Logan and I went on a really fun “brisk walk” down to the lakefront so we wouldn’t feel so guilty about the mass quantity of food we were going to consume throughout the weekend. We met Kayla downtown during her lunch break (she has a sweet media internship down there). After lunch I wanted to show Logi one of my favorite neighborhoods in Chicago: Wicker Park. A train, a bus, and a little walk later we were there! It was freezing in Chicago so we warmed up with some coffee.

Wicker park has so many great second hand shops. We had Yelp researched places to eat in Wicker Park, and Logan found us a tasty Mediterranean restaurant. Sultan’s Market is everything you could want: tasty, cheap, and BYOB (for Logan).




We started our Saturday at Aje Cafe. The sandwiches were awesome and the service was great. After lunch we spent most of our day on State Street perusing the many stores that I had missed  so dearly.


Kayla and I are from Aurora, it’s about an hour outside of Chicago, so my parents decided to come down and treat us, our brother, and our boyfriends to dinner. We ate at Home Slice Pizza, a specialty pizza place in Lincoln Park – it was delish to the max.


Later that night we went to a Halloween party one of Kayla’s friends was throwing. Logan absolutely hates dressing up when it’s not actually Halloween (and we were just plain lazy), so we went for the minimal effort costume. Get it? We’re a traffic light!



On Sunday Kayla and I left Logan at home so he could watch the game, and we could do some more shopping. Yes I have a problem, and yes I am aware of it. After we were all shopped out we went to meet Logan at the Starbucks where Andy (Kayla’s boyfriend) works. He was nice enough to hook us up with some free, tasty drinks.

We headed back to the EL and waited for our train for 40 minutes! Yeah, not the best part of the weekend for sure. Oh well. We decided to book it to Trader Joe’s and have apps for dinner. The meal consisted of edamame, mini tacos, mini pizzas, chips, queso, and hummus. So basically it was awesome.

Then it was time to leave; the absolute worst part. But no worries, Logan and I will be returning to Chicago pretty soon!

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