Rewind, Pause, Play

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Logan and I go to school in Whitewater, WI. It’s about just under an hour from Madison. So we decided to take a day trip to Madison (way back in September). They have an amazing farmer’s market around the Capitol building. It took us about an hour to walk around to all the booths. I would have to say my favorite part of the market was the abundance of free samples, most of them being cheese curds (stereotypical Wisconsin, I know).

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After traipsing around the farmers market, we decided to walk all the way to a restaurant that was a little over a mile away. Regrets. We went to a restaurant called The Weary Traveler, a super tasty restaurant that uses primarily locally grown food. It was super tasty. Afterwards we called a cab to take us back to the Capitol because we were just too tired to make the trek back.

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