4th Annual Friendsgiving


The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Kayla and I hosted our fourth annual Friendsgiving. We started this tradition our senior year of high school and kept it going throughout college. We all go to different universities, so sometimes Friendsgiving is the only time of the year all of us can get back together and have some good ole’ fashioned wholesome fun!



As you can tell by our plates, we don’t usually have a very traditional Thanksgiving meal. A bunch of twenty somethings getting together doesn’t exactly scream hours of food prep like most people’s Friendsgiving meals. Ours consisted of pesto chicken, sweet potato wedges, cheese dip, KFC, and other miscellaneous foods. Regardless, everything was delicious.

This was also the perfect time for us to meet everyone’s significant others *awww*! We all went to the same high school, so college has brought some very new and important people into our lives. Friendsgiving proved a great time to get to know the people that are so important to our friends who we wouldn’t get to meet otherwise!


This year Kayla made a banner inspired by A Beautiful Mess using fabric and twine. It made for a nice backdrop for everyone to pose under. Don’t you think?!

Friendsgiving is truly one of our favorite holiday traditions. What are some of yours?

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 2.20.21 PM


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