Kayla’s First Internship!

I was lucky enough to spend ten weeks interning with a digital marketing agency in Chicago at Rise Interactive. This was my first chance to get my feet wet in the professional world, and let me tell you, I loved it.


(“First day as an intern” selfie from Instagram!)

The interview process seemed like it would never end. I applied, took a test, did a phone interview, went to an onsite interview, and then *finally* received an offer! I was excited, but filled with nerves, as I started this new journey in September. During my time at Rise, I was able to work with an incredibly smart and caring supervisor who truly cared about my future success and overall happiness.

I interned in the employee services department as a Learning and Development

intern, which focuses on ensuring employees are fostering and using their skills in their day-to-day tasks!


During my time, I attended: happy hours, holiday parties, and office events. I’m so happy I was surrounded by people close to my age that I could relate to, and who really knew what it was like to be in my shoes, as a full time student with two part- time jobs, and an internship!


I gained so much from my internship, ranging from valuable professional advice to friendships. As I inch closer to graduation and entering the workforce full time, I hope that I will be able to find another opportunity to explore and refine even more of my skills.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 2.21.41 PM


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