Baby, It’s COLD Outside


Happy New Years! 2014 has a lot of changes in store for Kayla and I. We will both graduate from college *yikes* and start our lives as “big girls” in the “real world.” I’m sure it’ll be an exciting and terrifying year for the both us; I’m sure you’ll hear all about it through our little, wonderful blog!

I’ve been living in Chicago over the past week with Kayla; we spent the week ringing in the new year and going on mini snow-filled adventures. Chicago in the winter is kind of a terrifying experience. Temperatures dip below freezing, blizzards hit, and you’re forced to cover up your beautiful outfits with a giant parka. Nonetheless, the city still has our hearts (a love hate relationship for sure).

Kayla and I decided to brave the cold last Saturday and hit up our favorite places in Lincoln Park. We went to Molly’s Cupcakes and split a very tasty, and accurately named Dream Bar. Just an FYI, Molly’s Cupcakes was on Cupcake Wars and won (so they’re kind of a big deal)! They also have these super sweet swings for seating, how fun.


For those of you who don’t know, Kayla and I  absolutely love shopping, it’s kind of a problem… We love shopping, but hate spending the money that us poor college kids just don’t have. As a solution, we like to hit up resale shops. Our favorite kinds are these “upcycling” stores like this one here (yay Crossroads). It’s like a grown up version of Plato’s closet.


With this arctic-like weather, what could be better than warming our little tummies with a nice hot bowl of soup?! Soupbox has two locations in Chicago and about a billion awards for being one of the best restaurants in the city.


One of my all time favorite things to do is browse little shops like the one above. They are filled with all the things you’ll never need but always want. I get lost in the beautiful trinkets that I hope to fill my future home with one day. Lucky for me, there are tons of these little boutiques scattered across the city. Mission: find every single one of them.

What have you been up to in 2014?!

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 2.20.02 PM


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