Valentine’s Day Getaway: Part 1


Valentine’s Day was especially fun for Kayla and I and our respective beaus this year! After a couple hours in the car going up and down winding back roads through the very hilly Illinois countryside, Logi and I were reunited with our BFFs Kayla and Andy (I hadn’t seen her in 5 weeks *tear*). The four of us decided to take a weekend trip to a small ski resort town in Galena. Luckily, our family friend owns a cottage there, so we were able to make it our own little home for the weekend.

shanny logi coffee copy

I know you would think that going to a ski resort town would mean the four of us would hit up the slopes all day long, but this is far from the truth. There is only one daredevil among us who was willing to risk their life skiing down black diamond slopes (that daredevil would be Andy). While Andy was hitting up the slopes on Saturday; Logan, Kayla, and I read our books, watched DVDs, and went to a coffee shop downtown. We are all coffee addicts, so we try and find new coffee shops to visit regardless of where we are. This place was really cool because you could super customize your order; they had a ton of different roasts, sweeteners, and sugar options. Logan and I opted for a s’more latte *yum*!


After spending some time at the coffee shop, it was time to pick up Andy because we decided we couldn’t just leave him stranded on top of a mountain (although we did contemplate it).  Since we are all 21 *WOOT* we decided to make the most of this amazing resort town and go wine tasting downtown. This wine shop gave you the option to choose 6 wines for $5, what a bargain, am I right?! All the wines we chose were super delicious, and they were nice enough to serve us chocolate chips with our wine. Can you say heaven?!


After wine we decided we needed dinner, but also needed some good beer. Logan AKA “Yelp Master” found this brewery that was just a little walk from the wine tasting place. We all ordered our own flights of beer that were made right in the restaurant! We hadn’t planned on going on a brewery tour when we decided to eat there, but when we found out the next tour was only a few minutes after we arrived how could we say no?! Our tour guide was a very friendly South African who owned the brewery. We learned a lot about beer while drinking it, so I’d say it was a good experience.

Beer tour.jpg

Please excuse the blurriness, I was trying to be a little sneaky while taking the brewery tour picks. I must also add the food and atmosphere at Galena Brewery were spectacular. They had sweet potato fries (my all time fav), and live music! Overall, it was a great way to spend a Saturday night out. I promise you our weekend wasn’t one big boozefest, stay tuned to hear more about our weekend adventure!

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 2.20.02 PM


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