Introducing: Prince Asi


“Can I haz cheeseburger?!”-Asiago

Hello all!

If you follow me on Instagram, or are my friend on Snapchat you are well aware I adopted a kitten a few weeks ago. Asiago *yes, like the cheese* is the cutest fuzzball around and I  am completely obsessed with him. This little guy has already managed to cause me loads of stress, heartache, but most importantly, love.

I adopted my little nugget from PAWS, a local animal shelter. After a fantastic first weekend with Asi he started acting really lethargic. He wasn’t interested in any of his toys, and pretty much slept for two days straight.  This sent me into a complete state of panic, and I rushed him to the vet. The doctor told me he had lost weight since I had been there for his wellness exam four days earlier, and his blood tests came back saying he was anemic. The vet told me he likely had contracted FIP, a deadly virus that kills cats in a matter of weeks *cue heartbreak*. I was devastated, and spent a lot of time sobbing at home and blasting John Legends ‘All of Me‘ while drying my tears on my sick furry baby. The next day I took him to the vet to have another test that would confirm he had been exposed to the virus.


Over the next several days, Prince Asi began to act like a normal, healthy kitten running, jumping, playing, and exploring. All of us were completely surprised since the vet was practically convinced he had contracted the deathly virus.

A few days later we got the results of the blood tests,  negative *YAY*.  We celebrated by getting the little man a laser pointer (his new fav).  Though he was negative for FIP, we still weren’t sure what was causing his anemia. I went to the vet this week and it turns out he’s no longer anemic! During this whole ordeal PAWS has been so helpful and offered to pay for all his tests (close to $650).

glamAsi’s glamour shot

We still have no idea what was wrong with him those few days, but I am so happy he is a healthy kitten! Although I’m not a fan of his 6AM wakeup calls via kitten paw slaps to the face, it’s amazing the life that one fuzzy ball of love can bring to a home.

Here are some of the hundreds of pictures we’ve taken of the nugget. Enjoy!

AsiCuddlesAsi loves to cuddle!

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 8.57.51 AM

Asi is convinced this glass was made for him. Its purrrrfect!

kayla signiture



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