5 Reasons Why Summer 2K14 Was the Best

5. Leo Burnett fiestas

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I met the coolest people this summer during my summer internship at Leo Burnett. I was lucky enough to become super good friends with my intern group family. I’ll definitely miss them, but I know our paths will cross again.

4. Spain gave me permission to live there

I GOT MY VISA! After months of planning, gathering paperwork, and jumping through a dozen other hoops, I finally have my wonderful, beautiful visa.

3. Logi and I celebrated 5 whole years together!

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WOAH! Logan and I have been together for 5 years now. It’s amazing how much we’ve changed and grown since we first started dating. I’ m supa lucky to have this goofball in my life. And even after 5 years I still like him ūüėČ

2. My roommate was also my BFF



Kayla and I got to spend soooo much time together this summer, which was absolutely amazing. I leave for Spain in a little over a week, so this summer was some good quality sister time before I leave. I’m so lucky to be a twin, and to have Kayla as my other half.

1. We welcomed Asiago to the Waisath Clan

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If you don’t follow me on Instagram, maybe you aren’t aware of my obsession with Asiago. Kayla adopted Asiago from Paws in June, and it’s been super fun watching him grow and play and be crazy (I know I sound like a weirdo cat lady). There’s something about having a pet that brings a certain life to your home, and you can bet our little crispy nugget has brought a lot of joy to our apartment.


Was this the best summer ever for you?! I hope so!

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You’re never too old for a petting zoo


So a couple weekends ago, Kayla, Logan, and I put on our explorin’ boots and set out for some mini adventures. After a half dozen stops or so on the red line and we were in Chinatown! They were having their annual summer festival, and like most Chicagoans, we are suckers for a good street fest . Obviously the best part of the festival was this little petting zoo! Look at Kayla cuddlin’ up to a lil piggy and cow friend (take note: Kayla is not smiling at the child trying to feed the piglet, but rather giving the poor toddler side eyes).



I had never been to Chinatown, and didn’t realize it was such a huge, vibrant neighborhood. The festival was packed with culture *wooooot,* and local cuisine, but ¬†we decided to eat at a local place instead of one of the booths.



This place was INSANE (sorry, can’t remember the name). No one spoke English, there were cooked ducks (with their heads still on) hanging in a giant oven, and a ton of people speaking Chinese. And those are the things that made this place awesome! I got this super tasty shrimp and egg rice dish at the low low cost of $4!



Logi bought this super tasty Chinese desert. I think it was called Lotus Paste? Either way it was delicious and unique.




The weekend fun doesn’t stop there. Logan and I also toured around a small neighborhood called Andersonville. It feels like a charming suburb, but It’s really just a quick trip down Clark street. Andersonville has a lot of charming boutiques, cool restaurants, and a bunch of hipsters.



My favorite part about Andersonville is this Mediterranean place. Chicken schwarma wraps for $4!!! Nomzzzz




Have you explored any new neighborhoods?

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Shannon’s Summertime Wishlist

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1. Embroidered blouses // 2. Mini backpack // 3. Statement earrings // 4. Black romper // 5. Sandal booties 

Summer has finally hit the midwest with full force, and I couldn’t be happier about it. This winter was a long one for us, so it’s pretty amazing to finally enjoy the outdoors again (yay for outdoor seating, patio bars, and long walks around the city). A new season means new items that I have been oogling over. I keep noticing embroidered tops around the city, and can’t wait to get my hands on a flowy number like this old navy one. Carrying a purse around the city can hurt one of my shoulders, so a fun little backpack like this one would be a good investment. Statement earrings, because duh. I love me a good romper, and I think I need a plain black one that could be dressed down for daytime, and dressed up for a night on the town. Last but not least I have been eyeing these summer sandals for MONTHS, but still don’t have them for some reason…

Do you have any summer items on your wish list?

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Fashion Friday: Kayla’s Summer Essentials

I am beyond excited to spend my second summer living in the city. Not only will I be here, but all my siblings will be too *excited shriek* !!! This summer I will be interning downtown, so my summer essentials are for both work and play!

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 3.54.58 PM

1. J. Crew iPhone Case 2. Target Coral Cardigan 3. Kindle Fire HD 4. Forever 21 Statement Earrings 5. Clubmaster by Ray-Ban 6. Michael Kors Wedges


1. I actually bought this phone case last weekend at the outlet mall in Aurora. I was telling my sibs how I really wanted a new case that was covered in pineapples to channel the summer spirit  AND THERE IT WAS! It must have been meant to be (also it was 50% off, so *extra yay*)!

2. Between the two of us, I’m pretty sure we own around a thousand cardigans. This coral cardi is perfect for summer nights and is a great pop of color to brighten any outfit!

3. I’m pretty sure I have been eyeing this tablet for more than a few months, I just haven’t made the final purchase. I’ll be commuting to work everyday this summer via the CTA, so it would be perfect to have a Kindle that I could easily transport everyday! Maybe I can justify buying this guy by using it for work,school, and play!

4. Statement earrings are a must for summer. With the hot (fingers crossed) weather I will be sporting my hair up most days, and these earrings are the perfect accessory to spice up a ponytail or bun!

5. Everyone needs the perfect pair of sunnies for summer! Unfortunately, I have a terrible track record with losing/breaking mine so I try to stick to shades under $20. But these Clubmasters from Ray-Ban would definitely be my first pick if I was going to splurge.

6. These wedges have stolen my heart. Being short, wedges give me the perfect chance to get a few inches off the ground. I might not be getting this exact pair, but I am on the prowl for a similar style to rock day or night all summer long.

What are some things you have your eye on for summer?

kayla signiture

Homeward Bound


Last¬†weekend¬†Kayla and I went home for the first time all summer! As much as we love the city, it’s always a nice change of pace to spend sometime in the suburbs. We left right after I got off work on Friday, so we could spend as much time home as possible. We didn’t even make it back to our home until late that night because we made our dad drop us off at our friend’s house. We went to a neighboring suburb to enjoy dinner and dessert.
The picture above is of the best place ever. It’s called Cookie Dough Creations, and they literally serve you raw cookie dough! Every¬†child’s¬†dream is realized at this spot.
On Saturday we spent the day at the waterpark we used to lifeguard at. One of our old (and favorite) supervisors hooked us up with some free tickets. It was nice, and also a little weird to see people we used to work with. The weather was perfect, and it wasn’t too crowded. We also got to soak up the sun, which we don’t get to do enough as we both work an awful lot during the week.

Yours Truly,


Fro Yo and Fun Food



After last weekend, we couldn’t help but return to Wicker Park this weekend. It’s a bit of a hike for us, but it was totally worth it. We found this inexpensive gyro place on yelp, Covo! This si the inside of Covo, it was so modern looking. The order line is set up like a Qdoba. You can choose between beef, lamb, and chicken, a ton of fresh toppings, and tasty tasty sauces!



 ended up getting two chicken gyros with different toppings and Kayla got one lamb and one chicken. They were so delicious and inexpensive!




Shannon Left, Kayla right



After lunch, we got in a long line that ended in free fro-yo. Yes, you read that right FREE fro-yo and toppings. If you know me, you know there are three things I will never say no to: petting puppies, shopping, and fro-yo. My ultimate weaknesses for sure. So when we saw a Red Mango grand opening we had to get in line and get a tasty treat for ourselves! And tasty they were, check these beuts out!

Yours Truly,


A Day at the Park

IMG_0527 copyIMG_0528 copy

Today we took an adventure to Wicker Park. Neither of us had ever been there and it was so much fun! It’s the epicenter of hipsters. It was the first beautiful day after a week of unseasonably cold weather; so it was the perfect day to go exploring. It only took us a short bus ride to make it to our destination. We set out specifically for The Buffalo Exchange, a cool second hand store, but we stumbled upon a few other gems in the neighborhood (not to mention awesome street art!).

We also walked by a lot of amazing restaurants. The whole area has a very modern feeling, and because of the nice weather, all of the restaurants had their windows wide open making it easy for us to feel envious of anyone eating the delicious food. Above is a picture of me (Shannon) in front of Glazed & Infused (different location from previous post).A coffee shop had some really cool interactive street art. This was a sign that passer-bys filled out with chalk that was provided. How fun!
IMG_0524 copy

IMG_0533 copy


Yours Truly,