Twins Turn 21!

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Brace yourself world, the Waisath girls are finally legal! Kayla and I turned 21 a few weeks ago, but we couldn’t celebrate due to a terribly timed family tragedy. I don’t mean to put you down, but Kayla and I were pretty bummed ourselves. So in true Waisath fashion, we postponed our big girl birthday plans until the next week. Let me tell you, turning 21 feels so liberating. It’s just nice to know that I can go pretty much anywhere and won’t be forced to leave at 10pm because I’m underage.

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We decided to celebrate in Chicago (duh!), and I couldn’t have had more fun. The first night Kayla and I and our boyfriends went to a few bars around Wrigley. The first bar was called Halligin, it had really cheap and delicious drinks that even us poor college kids could afford. Kayla and I had their chocolate candy cane shot, and it was AMAZING. Our next stop was a place called The Apartment where we danced our pants off. We finished the night off at a barcade! Yeah, you read right bar + arcade = barcade. They had a ton of pinball machines and vintage games like dug dug. Overall a great first night on the town!

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The following night we took a little venture to one of our favorite neighborhoods in Chicago, Wicker Park! We also went there because that’s where our older brother lives. When we got to his new place, he had already made us a personalized birthday drink menu! Needless to say, the drinks and the company were both amazing.

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Don’t fret, we did some nonalcoholic related activities while we were in the city too. Logan and I checked out a little coffee shop by Kayla’s work. Although you most likely don’t care, I got to pet the cutest most loving golden retriever while we were there (I’m a little puppy obsessed). We also went to the Christkindlmarket downtown where we ate some delicious sugar covered pecans, and did some window shopping. Logan and I also caught the holiday train! Chicago’s train system has a train that is deemed “Santa’s Express” where the inside and outside are decorated in Christmas lights! They also have Santa riding in his sleigh between carts, like a real Santa, not a doll…

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Fro Yo and Fun Food



After last weekend, we couldn’t help but return to Wicker Park this weekend. It’s a bit of a hike for us, but it was totally worth it. We found this inexpensive gyro place on yelp, Covo! This si the inside of Covo, it was so modern looking. The order line is set up like a Qdoba. You can choose between beef, lamb, and chicken, a ton of fresh toppings, and tasty tasty sauces!



 ended up getting two chicken gyros with different toppings and Kayla got one lamb and one chicken. They were so delicious and inexpensive!




Shannon Left, Kayla right



After lunch, we got in a long line that ended in free fro-yo. Yes, you read that right FREE fro-yo and toppings. If you know me, you know there are three things I will never say no to: petting puppies, shopping, and fro-yo. My ultimate weaknesses for sure. So when we saw a Red Mango grand opening we had to get in line and get a tasty treat for ourselves! And tasty they were, check these beuts out!

Yours Truly,


A Day at the Park

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Today we took an adventure to Wicker Park. Neither of us had ever been there and it was so much fun! It’s the epicenter of hipsters. It was the first beautiful day after a week of unseasonably cold weather; so it was the perfect day to go exploring. It only took us a short bus ride to make it to our destination. We set out specifically for The Buffalo Exchange, a cool second hand store, but we stumbled upon a few other gems in the neighborhood (not to mention awesome street art!).

We also walked by a lot of amazing restaurants. The whole area has a very modern feeling, and because of the nice weather, all of the restaurants had their windows wide open making it easy for us to feel envious of anyone eating the delicious food. Above is a picture of me (Shannon) in front of Glazed & Infused (different location from previous post).A coffee shop had some really cool interactive street art. This was a sign that passer-bys filled out with chalk that was provided. How fun!
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