4 Spanish Trends I’m Dying to Try

Spanish fashion is very similar to American fashion, but there are definitely some pieces I’ve noticed that are SUPER popular here & aren’t a big deal in the States (yet). Being the shop-a-holic that I am, I feel like it’s my duty to try out these trends, okay maybe I’m just using my abroad experience as an excuse to shop, but potato potahto …. Also, as you’ll see in the following photos I have become kind of a creep #sorrynotsorry.

1. Printed Joggers

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I know these bad boys are starting to gain traction in the US, due to the billion fashion blogs I follow, but they are already a big f*ckin deal here. Must get a pair! Printed joggers are like an acceptable way to wear pajamas outside and still look chic.

2. Baby Doll dresses

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I’ve noticed that a lot of women wear dresses here, maybe more so than in the states. I am in love with these super simple swing dresses that look flattering on any figure, and it’s pretty much like wearing a giant t-shirt in public while still looking adorable (do you see a pattern in my fashion taste…?).

3. Shoes!

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Sweet booties + printed joggers = fall must have

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The Spanish’s shoe game is solid. Look at all these fun pairs that I creepily took pictures of while on the metro! I neeeed them all. Also, shoes are less expensive here, and there are a ton of little shoe stores sprinkled throughout the city.


4. Swing Tops

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Last but not least, the flowy top. I’ve noticed the bohemian style is super in here, which I loveee. The teacher I work with actually has the best bohemian style ever, but we don’t know each other well enough for me to take a picture of her outfits everyday…




You’re never too old for a petting zoo


So a couple weekends ago, Kayla, Logan, and I put on our explorin’ boots and set out for some mini adventures. After a half dozen stops or so on the red line and we were in Chinatown! They were having their annual summer festival, and like most Chicagoans, we are suckers for a good street fest . Obviously the best part of the festival was this little petting zoo! Look at Kayla cuddlin’ up to a lil piggy and cow friend (take note: Kayla is not smiling at the child trying to feed the piglet, but rather giving the poor toddler side eyes).



I had never been to Chinatown, and didn’t realize it was such a huge, vibrant neighborhood. The festival was packed with culture *wooooot,* and local cuisine, but  we decided to eat at a local place instead of one of the booths.



This place was INSANE (sorry, can’t remember the name). No one spoke English, there were cooked ducks (with their heads still on) hanging in a giant oven, and a ton of people speaking Chinese. And those are the things that made this place awesome! I got this super tasty shrimp and egg rice dish at the low low cost of $4!



Logi bought this super tasty Chinese desert. I think it was called Lotus Paste? Either way it was delicious and unique.




The weekend fun doesn’t stop there. Logan and I also toured around a small neighborhood called Andersonville. It feels like a charming suburb, but It’s really just a quick trip down Clark street. Andersonville has a lot of charming boutiques, cool restaurants, and a bunch of hipsters.



My favorite part about Andersonville is this Mediterranean place. Chicken schwarma wraps for $4!!! Nomzzzz




Have you explored any new neighborhoods?

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Kansas is cool: here’s proof

Logan and I set out on a little road trip to Kansas City last week. He has family that lives there, so we were dying to see them and use it as an excuse to take a mini vacay before our internships start. A quick 7 hours later, and we were ready to party: Kansas City style. Here are 5 reasons Kansas is way cooler than you think it is.

1. Beer, tapas, beer, sammys, beer, sushi 

FOOD.jpgKansas has AMAZING food, and beer! While we were down there, we were totally spoiled and were taken to lots of Kansas City restaurants. All of the food I had was delicious, but I think my favorite meal was actually this simple sandwich (first pic) from The Foundry. We also enjoyed tapas, tacos, paninis, sushi, pizza, salmon, and lots of treats! Logan even tried a bison burger (bottom right picture). It’s safe to say that I feel like I’ve gained about 10 lbs, but it was totally worth it.

2. They have movie theaters with beds


You read that right guys, they have movie theaters with chairs that recline into beds! What?! Yes, it’s true. We went to see x-men at a theater where the super comfy leather seats reclined all the way back so it was like a bed. It was definitely the best movie-watching experience I’ve experienced in my short 21 years on this Earth.

P.S. the new X-Men movie is fantastic.

3. They give you free beer

brewery tour.jpg

We went on a brewery tour at Boulevard! As you know, I do love brewery tours (read about my Galena brewery tour, and Milwaukee brewery tour experiences), but the best thing about this tour was that it was completely FREE and included 3 beer samples *yumm.* The one bit of beer info I held on to was that lagers ferment longer than ales. I discovered a new love for unfiltered wheat beer, have you ever tried it? Also, shout out to Mason (Logan’s brother, and our excellent Kansas City host) for joining the 21+ club!

4. They have markets galore


The best part about exploring someone else’s city with them is that they know all of the best places to go. The City Market, and Overland Park’s farmers market were no exception. The City Market was filled with all kinds of little shops and produce stands. I got 3 delicious mangos for $2! We also wandered into an Indian spice and fruit shop (middle picture), where I loaded up on some tasty dried fruit. At the Farmer’s Market, Logan and I tried some delicious honey spread, and some unique caramels (rice krispie, butterscotch, and Nutella flavored) *yummm.*

5. The people there are pretty cool too

Kansas People.jpg

The best thing about Kansas City is that it’s home to a lot of people we love. Logan’s brother, his brother’s girlfriend, his aunt, uncle, and cousins live there (along with their furry friends!). It was so much fun to spend some quality time with these amazing people. I feel so lucky to have a connection with such a great family (thanks for dating me Logan); I couldn’t have asked for better company while falling in love with a wonderful city.

Big thank yous go out to Mason & Alex for letting us stay with them, Kristy & David for spoiling us rotten, Kassie & Joe for giving up their weekend to hang out with us youths, and my 3 furry new boyfriends for letting me love on you all weekend. 

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Fashion Friday: Love Birds Edition


Hello lovely people, and happy Friday to you! Last weekend we were lucky enough to have a couple days of sunshine following a very rainy week, so what better way to celebrate than a photoshoot?! I asked Logan to come along for this one, because his fashion sense is pretty amazing.


Whitewater has been our home for the past three years (four for Logan), and as graduation gets closer and closer I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic about all the little Whitewater things I’ll miss (obviously I’m mainly talking about beer here, sorry mom!). However, I’ll also miss the beautiful places Whitewater has including this bridge that is right behind my dorm where I’m an RA; look how perfect it is!

Logi Shirt Collage

Forever 21 Button-up // Levi Pants // Thrifted belt


Thrifted Denim Jacket // Forever 21 Shirt (old) // H&M White Pants // Thrifted Wedges


I couldn’t resist this opportunity to take some cutesy couple pictures of us. The scenery here in Whitewater is absolutely gorgeous; I’m soaking it in as much as I can before I move back to the windy city this summer (green is sparse there). Also, how could I not flaunt this very hunky, well dressed man I’ve been lucky enough to be with for almost five years *yikes, sounding old.*


Did I mention he’s also supa strong…? Sorry guys, he’s taken 😉


Where was your favorite place to go at your university?


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